Flood 1950s & 1960s


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    Brian Jones March 1, 2018

    I think I shall always remember the Boscastle floods because it really upset my Dad (Tom Jones) he went with Harry Bray from Bossiney to help. While trying to clear a lot of logs that were jammed under the bridge a friend (I cannot remember his name) was on the bank and Tom was on the bridge when the logs suddenly came free and swept his friend away. Tom did manage to just touch fingers with his friend but he hit his head on the bridge and was taken out to sea never seen again.

    Tom was very upset because he should have insisted his friend have a rope around him Tom had suggested it but the usual answer “I will be OK”

    Although I cannot remember what year it was only that I was a young lad at school so it must have been before 1958

    There is another storey of a flood in Boscastle about the young girl who rode a horse all the way down the valley to worn every one of the flood coming down the valley into Boscastle but no one believed her – it was a sunny afternoon in Boscastle and no sign of rain but there had been a storm up on the hills – The young girl went up the hill and sat weeping as the flood came into Boscastle. There are others about the place who can remember these stories better than I can.

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      Ross March 3, 2018

      Thank you for your comment and your memories. We will hopefully be posting something shortly about the “young girl on horseback”. Elizabeth Whitehouse was the girl, a local potter, who rode the horse down the valley to warn the Beadons of the flood.

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    mike webber March 27, 2018

    BVA 290. Should be 1958.

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      Ross March 27, 2018

      Done. Thanks Mike.

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